Andrea Dovizioso: This is not my last chance – Andrea Dovizioso failed to win his first title in the premier class. He failed to win in the last race, Valencia last week for failing to finish. It is very difficult, despite winning but there are still many conditions in order for him to win the world title.

Of course he really wanted the title more than anyone. “Today, we have not lost, we want this title like Marc [Marquez],”.

Dovizioso has fought hard since the start of the season. This year Desmodovi really out to be a predator figure, by collecting six kemengan. This is the best achievement for Dovi and Ducati since the era of Casey Stoner. Fighting for the title until the last race, something very impressive.

“I gave my life from the first round, but I did not have a lot of cards to play.The rear tire fell off, and I could not strike.On the last lap I was very over limit. I braked too hard on the eight turn but I could not stop the bike and I widened and ended up on a pebble. “

At the moment he may fail, but tomorrow we do not know. He was with Ducati since Ducati was still down until Ducati got up. Everyone was very impressed to see it. Keep fighting Desmodovi … this is not the last chance.

“I’m usually good at seeing negative things, but this time I want to enjoy the positive I am really satisfied with the great season we are doing and I realize that this is not my last chance We made solid results There will be a chance others “, Dovi said.

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