Ducati is the perfect bike, but Marquez is able to defeat him!

Monsterbalap – Misano Grand Prix is the first wet race of the season. Ducati has always been one of the best bikes on the wet track, surely there will be surprises from Ducati riders, not just one or two good drivers but almost everything.

You could say this Ducati is the best motor that can be relied upon in all conditions. This is a plus for Dovizioso who championed the world title, so Dovi really should take advantage of this advantage

“In the race yesterday we can say that Ducati will be able to win the title, currently Ducati proved to be one of the motor that can be relied upon in all conditions and situations “said Carlo Pernat.

In the standings Dovizioso has a formidable opponent, namely Marc Marquez. and he became one of the Honda riders can beat Ducati motorcycle with an erratic performance. Although Marc has three DNFs but he is still a competitor in the front row.

“Marquez is the man who can beat the Ducati racer, he has three zero points but he is still able to compete on the board standings with Honda motor conditions that performance is uncertain.

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