If not injured, Rossi can win at Misano

Monsterbalap – Racing at Misano runs in a wet race, many racers have to meet the pebbles there, a total of eight racers crashed. It was a race that took a lot of casualties, even when Moto3 in action there were only 15 riders who managed to finish from a total of about 30 other racers.
Actually with a situation like this could be an advantage for Valentino Rossi, but unfortunately he can not be there. As we know that Rossi has a special skill on the wet track, and of course there will be a surprise if Valentino raced there.
Yep, if Rossi is not injured then he can win there.
“Rossi can be a champion at Misano if he is not injured, he has special skills on the wet track, so this is a loss for him” said Carlo Pernat as quoted by Tuttomotoriweb.
The race was won by Spanish Spaniard Marc Marquez who overtook the petruci on the last lap. While Andrea Dovizioso managed to finish in the top three.
This makes Valentino Rossi’s chances of becoming a smaller 2017 world champion. After the race yesterday Rossi currently lags 42 points from Marc Marquez and Andrea Dovizioso, obviously it will be more difficult.
“For Valentino Rossi Being a 2017 world champion is an unlikely miracle, the difference between points after the San Marino GP widened, and will widen after the Aragon GP.”

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