Jorge Lorenzo: Usually I am always smart when leading the race

Monsterbalap – Jorge Lorenzo must bear the disappointment of missing his first chance to win with Ducati. From the start of the start he immediately pierced the fore and led the race long enough, but unfortunately the new race runs about 6 laps he had to fall when the distance with other riders far enough.

It would be very proud if Lorenzo won in a wet race, because historically Lorenzo has never won a race with wet asphalt, even in some places he was dubbed a “water racer”. But he accepted everything gracefully and he also believed that there were still plenty of opportunities to do it again.

“It’s unfortunate that today we had the first chance to win with Ducati, but we eliminated him, when it comes to winning, it’s only a matter of time before another podium arrives, it’s surely, maybe even a victory.”

He thinks it’s just bad luck because usually he always succeeds with such a strategy (directly shot forward).

“I often win some races like that in the past, I won at Jerez 2011 with a 10 second advantage, At Le Mans 2012 with 14 seconds I am usually very good in the leading race.” Lorenzo closed.

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