Marquez will not move to KTM, this is the reason!

Monsterbalap РMany people who think that Marc Marquez will move to KTM for the 2019 season, this assumption was circulated because a lot of media that discussed it. But will these assumptions really will happen?

Marc Marquez is a MotoGP world champion three times, it would be great if KTM can have it. In addition to great, Marquez is also a talented racer among other racers, he is so perfect for the size of a racer.

Even KTM boss himself once said that it is not impossible Marquez will join KTM because Marquez once had sweet memories with KTM. And he is also very confident that he will be able to get Marquez in the 2019 season.

Even Pol Espargaro as the main rider of KTM also welcomed the issue, Pol also said “would love to have teammates like him”.

Do you think this could happen? I do not think this will happen !! Marquez already has a perfect team like Honda, do you think Marquez will leave Honda and join the KTM whose performance has not been fully seen? If you answered ‘Yes’ I made sure it was just your wishful thinking.

One can not easily go back to the past by just looking at memories.

I believe that KTM is a great team and motorcycle, proved to debut in Moto2 KTM can be directly competitive, but this problem involves many factors, such as bike, sponsorship, mission and ambition.

I say again that this is highly unlikely, you know who sponsored Marquez since his career at the Grand Prix? And you also know that Honda is sponsored by whom? Yes, the answer is REPSOL.

Repsol will not let Marquez leave, and of course Marquez can not leave Repsol for some reason. They are like Mother and Child. Have you seen Repsol sponsoring in Moto3 and Moto2 classes in addition to sponsoring Marquez’s team? Yes, if you know then you already understand what the answer is!

In essence Marquez will not leave Honda, but do not know for kedepanya. Marquez is a record hunter, he has solved many records from previous riders, even Valentino Rossi’s record has also been broken, There are only a few unbreakable Valentino Rossi records, such as five-time world champion streak and seven-time world champion in the premier class.

I do not really think if Marquez’s goal is to break all the records of a Valentino Rossi, but there are so many indications that guide this thinking there.

If Marquez moves to KTM which is not necessarily the performance of his bike, then with what Marquez will break the record of his predecessor? So, I’ll bet on this issue that Marquez will not move to KTM in the 2019 season.

In addition to some of the above reasons, maybe also many parties who will try as hard as possible so that Marquez did not move to KTM. Whose party and from where? Of course a lot.

Of course you know how Marquez process into MotoGP class, yes he went directly to the Repsol Honda factory team without competing in the satellite team class first, the rule is the Moto2 rider must go to the satellite team first before going into factory team, but the rules removed just like that.

With the occurrence of the phenomenon there is clearly an indication that there are some parties who deliberately open and facilitate Marquez road. Surely you know who became the current MotoGP icon, yes he is Valentino Rossi. Rossi is not young anymore and maybe he will soon retire in the near future. Without the icon will certainly greatly affect the MotoGP rankings.

So Dorna had to do something to keep the MotoGP rating with Rossi retiring from MotoGP, that is by creating a new icon! So what is the relationship between Dorna and new Icon and Marquez? Think by yourself!

About this (Marquez moved team), this is not about guts, but about the situation. If he already has a competitive bike and he is comfortable there why must moved team? So again, all this is related to many factors.

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