The difference between Yamaha and Honda in terms of giving a bicycle to the racer

Monsterbalap – Marc VDS racer Jack Miller has officially moved the team to Pramac Racing Ducati some time ago. From Moto3 Miller trusted by HRC to directly up the class to MotoGP. Of course there is a reason why HRC does that.

But as his contract expires, Miller is reluctant to extend his contract. So what’s the reason? Hemmt may be very much, it could be because the motor is less competitive. HRC as a direct contract management does not want to do more against Miller, like giving a factory bike.

Certainly with a minimalist package makes Miller less satisfied, before he hoped more when he was withdrawn by HRC from Moto3 to MotoGP.

And now he has agreed to work with Pramac Racing to replace Scot Redding. Of course he may feel jealous of seeing more competitive Ducati and Yamaha teams and even fighting for victory, but he never did.

Never mind to defeat a team of manufacturers like Marquez and Pedrosa, to approach him can not, even beating other satelite teams are also not able.

The same thing is felt by Tito Rabat, the team gives a fantastic target for the racer but the motor package is not very supportive.

Surely this is very contrary to what Yamaha does, Yamaha provides 2016 bike manufacturer specifications for Zarco and Folger. While Honda gave the motor racer with a motorcycle motors are not clear. The motor name is the same as ‘RC213V’ but its performance is inversely proportional.

Even when I search for images of Jack Miller vs. Zarco on Google, I can not find any pictures of them. Surely this is strange, both satellite racers but never close to each other.

Racers like Cal Crutchlow and Pedrosa also seem to have trouble carrying a Honda motorcycle, only Marc Marquez can. Is this all due to different drivers or motor factors.

We must appreciate the wise Yamaha in providing motorcycle packages, they are not afraid of losing, because they pay the drivers with the aim that drivers can champion in their own way.

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