Valentino Rossi believes that the world championship can still be achieved

Monsterbalap – The nine-time world champion Valentino Rossi has been tested on the Misano circuit on Monday afternoon before the rain bothered him. With unexpected weather changes Rossi is confused about whether to return to Aragon or not.

Valentino Rossi will decide at the end of Wednesday whether he will race in Aragon or not. Grand prix Aragon itself will take place next week or 22 days after the success of Rossi broke his leg on 31 August.

Rossi has only a few rounds to determine his fitness level, but unfortunately he has to stop because of the rain and his physical evaluation is inconclusive, so we have to wait for his decision on Wednesday.

Perhaps you are wondering why Valentino Rossi is desperate to return to Aragon, He could have rested at home while awaiting recovery? The answer is because Rossi still believes that the title race for the 2017 season is still open, he is just 42 points behind Marquez and Dovizioso, and there are still five races left or 125 points he can take.

His motivation is very big in the racing world, I’m sure he’s not a person who likes to wait. Of course, if he’s a lazy racer, maybe he’ll wait and sleep at home, but no, he’s doing his best to get back.

He took a very risky workout method, by doing the exercises at Misano, you would not imagine what would happen if he had an accident again. He did all this because he still believes that the world title is still very likely to be achieved.

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