Vinales: This is the key to my success in reaching the first position

Monsterbalap – In qualifying Misano MotoGP September 9, 2017, Maverick Vinales managed to achieve pole position. Although himself as a Yamaha Movistar racer but he proved himself able to fight Ducati racer and Honda.

Vinales revealed the key to his success in the qualifying session during the day. He explained that in this qualification he uses a different style of race than before as at the time at Silverstone.

“I know that I ride a Yamaha bike very well, so I can try to get a first position like at silverstone, at Silverstone I drive aggressively to score the best time, but at Misano this time I tried to drive smoothly and I made it. Vinales.

In previous races Yamaha often experience problems, but this time it seems Yamaha has found a solution to the problem, as well as what was revealed by Vinales.

“I have found a special change in my racing style and the bike is also much better, of course we are happy to have time to fix the problem, I thank the team for their hard work” Vinales closed.

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