Vinales will complicate Rossi and Marquez

Monsterbalap – Vinales will ride side by Yamaha with Valentino Rossi. No doubt he is a talented driver. When joint suzuki he has shown his talent, he quickly and better than teammate Aleix Espargaro.

Plus he has a racing style that is similar to Lorenzo, so I’m sure he’ll quickly with Yamaha. Of course he would complicate his own teammate, even seems He will also make it difficult for Marquez. That means he will take part for the title.

Yamaha chose the right driver for the team, Yamaha next year will be a perfect team, has Valentino Rossi and talented rider like Maverick Vinales. Tests at Valencia he has shown that he can adapt quickly.

How Lorenzo? He’s fast, but with Ducati he will take a long time to adapt. We will often see Vinales is in Podium. In 2016 yamaha become the best team although marquez who got the championship, so it’s not impossible if Yamaha next year will again be the best team. You can’t wait??

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