Since Moto2, The way racing Johann Zarco’s always the same when playing PlayStation

Racing at Motegi, Japan yesterday still leaves some controversy, including the controversy between Jorge Lorenzo and Johan Zarco. Lorenzo blames Zarco, while Zarco does not want to blame.

Lorenzo considers Zarco’s way of racing like a person playing PlayStation, and very dangerous to other riders, “It’s like when you play on the PlayStation, he feels no other racers in front of him and straight into your racing line without caring”.

While Zarco firmly believes that what he does is true. “I am confident with the [front] section, in this 9th bend, I can attack,” he argued.

“Then he tried to stay on the outside, but when I came out of the corner, I did not see him. [I] thought maybe he could be there.

“We were brushed because of the acceleration, he drove into my raceing line and we were brushed, because I was on the inside, [actually] I got a loss.”
Who do you think is wrong? Please see the video below. [click here]
I’m not a fan of Lorenzo but I agree with what Lorenzo said. It was clear that Zarco come too deep and the distance with Lorenzo still far away. And Lorenzo is on the same track as the other drivers. Zarco is behind, so I do not believe if he does not see it.
Since Moto2 Zarco has always been so, he cuts off the other rider’s line by way of force and then he coming on the deepest side and then forcing other riders to budge. It’s the same as when I play playstation.
Do not because you are inside and then you feel right, because not all racers can see you coming from behind. After he sees your overly pushy maneuvers he can be shocked when cornering and experience an incident.
This incident exactly when Zarco did the same maneuvering to Rossi during the race in Austin. [click here to see]
Honestly, this is really the same as when I play MotoGP games on the PlayStation

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