Actually what is the purpose of Valentino Rossi doing all this?

Monsterbalap – Valentino Rossi broke his leg on 31 August 2017. At that time Rossi coached Enduro and then had an accident, and his right foot is not strong enough to withstand the burden of the motor, it makes sense because previously he had experienced a broken leg in the 2010 season

This incident is very severe because the bone is broken two. He got help later and immediately underwent surgery after a while, and the surgery went well. The doctor who performed the operation explained Vale’s injuries that Valentino needed about 40 days to recover.

In the standings Rossi is in fourth position and 42 points behind from Marquez and Dovi, with this situation of course the world champion becomes very difficult for him. Moreover, he also missed the race at Misano.

This week the race will take place at the Aragon GP, Spain, and just 22 days after Rossi broke his leg, while the doctor’s decision took 40 days to recover. But lately Rossi looks to train with Yamaha YZF-R1 at the Misano circuit to know his physical condition, all done because he wanted to return to Aragon this week. Obviously it’s very very risky.

Logically, the title race is gone for him, even his chance is only 10%. But he does all he can to get back to Aragon, what exactly does he want? In the racing world you will never know what will happen, it might be good if nothing bad happens to him, but it’s all unpredictable, bad things can happen to him.

If he says “my condition is ready to return to Aragon”, do you believe that? I’m sure his condition is not so good for this, he just presses himself. Of course this is very dangerous, he is forcing and risking everything in empty hope, because of the possibility he won a title very small. Maybe he should understand his limitations.

If something happens to him again, what will happen? Yes, of course this will destroy everything, motivation, passion and his career. Yes, everyone knows that half his life is in the racing world and his motivation in the racing world is great, but he should not have done this. Honestly there are many people who are very happy to see him back in Aragon, but unfortunately this is not the right time.

But everyone hopes he’ll be all right!

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